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Gulbekyan, G.

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TUPAN079 Scheme for Flattening of Ion Density Distribution on a Target 1556
  • N. Yu. Kazarinov, G. Gulbekyan, V. I. Kazacha, V. N. Melnikov, V. I. Mironov
    JINR, Dubna, Moscow Region
  A scheme for flattening of the ion density distribution on a target is considered. The aim is to obtain the ion density distribution with deviation from the medium level not more than 5% on the target having rather big dimensions (up to ~60 cm in width and ~30 cm in height). Such kinds of targets are required for some technological purposes. The Xe ion beam extracted from a cyclotron has the following parameters: mass-to-charge ratio is 4.4, the kinetic energy is 4.2 MeV per nucleon, the beam current is 1 and the beam emittance is equal to 40 mm mrad. The ion beam line consists of quadrupoles doublet and oqtupole lens. After passimg through two quadrupoles the ion beam has big horizontal and small vertical dimensions. After that the oqtupole makes the horizontal ion beam density distribution on the target uniform withing the nessary demands. The geometry of the beam line, the quadrupole and oqtupole lens parameters are found during simulation. The simulated final beam density distribution on the target is also given.