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Gharibyan, V.

Paper Title Page
FRPMN094 Beam Profile Measurements with the 2-D Laser-Wire at PETRA 4303
  • M. T. Price, G. A. Blair, S. T. Boogert, G. E. Boorman, A. Bosco, S. Malton
    Royal Holloway, University of London, Surrey
  • K. Balewski, Eckhard. Elsen, V. Gharibyan, H.-C. Lewin, F. Poirier, S. Schreiber, N. J. Walker, K. Wittenburg
    DESY, Hamburg
  • T. Kamps
    BESSY GmbH, Berlin
  Funding: Work supported by the PPARC LC-ABD collaboration and the Commission of the European Communities under the 6th Framework Programme Structuring the European Research Area, contract number RIDS-011899.

The current PETRA II Laser-Wire system, being developed for the ILC and PETRA III, uses a piezo-driven mirror to scan laser light across an electron bunch. This paper reports on the recently installed electron-beam finding system, presenting recent horizontal and vertical profile scans with corresponding studies.