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Fujisawa, H.

Paper Title Page
WEPMN041 Reduction of RF Skin Loss with Thin Foils 2134
  • Y. Iwashita, H. Fujisawa, M. Ichikawa, Y. Tajima
    Kyoto ICR, Uji, Kyoto
  Reduction of RF power loss caused by skin effect has been studied. Some measurement results on a coaxial cavity with thin foils are described. Application to another type of RF devices will be discussed.  
THPMN006 Modification and Measurement of the Adjustable Permanent Magnet Quadrupole for the Final Focus in a Linear Collider 2719
  • Y. Iwashita, H. Fujisawa, M. Ichikawa, Y. Tajima
    Kyoto ICR, Uji, Kyoto
  • M. Kumada
    NIRS, Chiba-shi
  • S. Kuroda, T. Okugi, T. Tauchi
    KEK, Ibaraki
  • C. M. Spencer
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California
  Funding: This research was partially supported by JSPS, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, 14204023-2002, 18204023-2006 and the U. S. DOE under contract DE-AC02-76SF00515.

An adjustable permanent magnet quadrupole has been developed for the final focus in an electron-positron linear collider. The design has two concentric rings of permanent magnets. Recent activities include a newly fabricated inner ring that demonstrates the strongest field gradient at a small bore diameter of 15mm and a new magnetic field measurement system based on a rotating coil. The prospects of the R&D will be discussed.