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France, A.

Paper Title Page
TUPAN006 Design of Slug Tuners for the SPIRAL2 RFQ 1398
  • A. France, O. Delferriere, M. Desmons, O. Piquet
    CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette
  Tuner parameters: number (or separation distance), diameter, position range, are determined in order to fit two main requirements: (1) compensation of construction errors specified between given bounds, and (2) compatibility with magnetic-field bead-pull measurements. Tuner slopes possibly derived from 2D or 3D simulations are compared. RFQ 4-wire transmission line model is used to calculate tuner position range required to compensate for given capacitance relative errors. The position of the bead guiding-wire is deduced from 3D field maps and magnetic-field-to-voltage calibration accuracy requirement.