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Fowler, T.

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TUPAN109 160 MeV H- Injection into the CERN PSB 1628
  • W. J.M. Weterings, G. Bellodi, J. Borburgh, T. Fowler, F. Gerigk, B. Goddard, K. Hanke, M. Martini, L. Sermeus
    CERN, Geneva
  The H- beam from the proposed LINAC4 will be injected into the four existing rings of the PS Booster at 160 MeV. A substantial upgrade of the injection region is required, including the modification of beam distribution system and the construction of a new H- injection system. This paper discusses beam dynamics and hardware requirements and presents the results of optimisation studies of the injection process for different beam characteristics and scenarios. The resulting conceptual design of the injection region is presented, together with the main hardware modifications and performance specifications.  
WEPMN068 Design of the Modulator for the CTF3 Tail Clipper Kicker 2185
  • M. J. Barnes, T. Fowler, G. Ravida
    CERN, Geneva
  • A. Ueda
    KEK, Ibaraki
  The goal of the present CLIC test facility (CTF3) is to demonstrate the technical feasibility of specific key issues in the CLIC scheme. The extracted beam from the combiner ring (CR), of 35 A in magnitude and 140 ns duration, is sent to the new CLic EXperimental area (CLEX) facility. A Tail Clipper (TC) is required, in the CR to CLEX transfer line, to allow the duration of the extracted beam pulse to be adjusted. It is proposed to use a stripline kicker for the tail clipper, with each of the deflector plates driven to equal but opposite potential. The tail clipper kick must have a fast rise-time, of not more than 5 ns, in order to minimize uncontrolled beam loss and operate at a rate of up to 50 Hz. Several different options are being investigated to meet the demanding specifications for the modulator of the tail clipper. This paper discusses options considered for the fast, high voltage, semiconductor switches and shows results of initial tests on the switches.