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Foraz, K.

Paper Title Page
MOPAN067 Transport and Installation of the LHC Cryo-Magnets 305
  • K. Artoos, S. Bartolome-Jimenez, O. Capatina, J. M. Chevalley, K. Foraz, M. Guinchard, C. Hauviller, K. Kershaw, S. Prodon, I. Ruehl, G. Trinquart, S. Weisz
    CERN, Geneva
  • P. Ponsot
    DBS, Saint Genis-Pouilly
  Eleven years have passed between the beginning of transport and handling studies in 1996 and the completion of the LHC cryo-magnets installation in 2007. More than 1700 heavy, long and fragile cryo-magnets had to be transported and installed in the 27 km long LHC tunnel with very restricted available space. The size and complexity of the project involved challenges in the field of equipment design and manufacturing, maintenance, training and follow-up of operators and logistics. The paper presents the milestones, problems to be overcome and lessons learned during this project.  
TUPAN092 Schedule evolution during the life-time of the LHC project 1592
  • K. Foraz, E. Barbero-Soto, H. Gaillard, C. Hauviller, S. Weisz
    CERN, Geneva
  The Large Hadron Collider Project was approved by the CERN Council in December 1994. The CERN management opted from the beginning of the project for a very aggressive installation planning based on a just-in-time sequencing of all activities. This paper aims to draw how different factors (technical development, procurement, logistics and organization) have impacted on the schedule evolution through the lifetime of the project. It describes the cause effect analysis of the major rescheduling that occurred during the installation of the LHC and presents some general conclusions potentially applicable in other similar projects.