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Fisher, M. V.

Paper Title Page
TUPMS045 Improvements to the Aladdin Synchrotron Light Source 1290
  • K. Jacobs, J. Bisognano, R. A. Bosch, D. Eisert, M. V. Fisher, M. A. Green, R. G. Keil, K. J. Kleman, R. A. Legg, G. C. Rogers, J. P. Stott
    UW-Madison/SRC, Madison, Wisconsin
  Funding: Work supported by the U. S. National Science Foundation under Award No. DMR-0537588.

Aladdin is an IR to soft x-ray synchrotron light source operated by the University of Wisconsin at Madison. As part of the ongoing program of upgrades and improvements, several changes have recently been made to the ring. It had previously been determined that physical apertures (BPMs) at the QF quadrupoles were limiting beam lifetime when the ring was operated in its low emittance configuration. Increasing the size of these apertures has resulted in a significant increase in lifetime. Also as part of the aperture opening process, a number of ring components were redesigned and replaced, lowering the ring impedance. This has led to an increase in the threshold beam current for microwave instability. Another modification was the design and installation of discrete trim coils on the quadrupole pole-tips to facilitate using the quads as steering correctors. Details of these and other improvements will be presented.