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Firsov, A.

Paper Title Page
TUPMN016 Upgrade of the BESSY Femtoslicing Source 950
  • T. Quast, A. Firsov, K. Holldack
    BESSY GmbH, Berlin
  • S. Khan
    Uni HH, Hamburg
  • R. Mitzner
    Universität Muenster, Physikalisches Institut, Muenster
  The BESSY femtoslicing source as the first undulator-based source has succesfully demonstrated its capabilities of providing ~100 fs x-ray pulses in an energy range from 300 to 1400 eV with linear and circular polarisation. With this type of slicing source exhibiting an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, the number of detected photons at the user frontend is still limited to ~103 / sec. Several improvements are underway to increase the photon flux and to improve the stability of the source. An upgrade of the present laser system will increase the pulse repetition rate from 1 to 3 kHz. Furthermore, a new evacuated laser beam path will be implemented to provide higher pointing stability and an automated postion feedback. The benefits and limitations of these improvements will be discussed, and new measurements will be presented.