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Dauguet, P.

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THICKI05 European Industries Potential Capabilities on Cryogenics for the Future IlC 2704
  • P. Dauguet
    Air Liquide, Sassenage
  Following the construction of LHC, the European industries have demonstrated there ability to construct complete helium and nitrogen refrigeration systems both for the needs of the huge accelerator and the associated detectors. Eight 18 kW at 4.5 K and 2.4 kW at 1.8 K helium refrigeration systems have been constructed. Each refrigeration system is connected to 3 km of the 27 km long accelerator thanks to interconnecting valve boxes and high performances helium transfer lines. This is the biggest refrigeration system ever constructed in the world. The demand for cryogenics for the future ILC project is comparable in terms of equipment sizes but even bigger in terms of number of units required. The present refrigeration system scenario of ILC includes ten 22 kW at 4.5 K refrigerators and twelve 4.1 kW at 2 K refrigerators. In the present paper, this scenario will be presented and compared to the realizations done by the European Cryogenic Industries. Contact : Pascale.dauguet@airliquide.com  
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