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Dabrowski, A. E.

Paper Title Page
FRPMS045 Non-Destructive Single Shot Bunch Length Measurements for the CLIC Test Facility 3 4069
  • A. E. Dabrowski, M. Velasco
    NU, Evanston
  • H.-H. Braun, R. Corsini, S. Doebert, T. Lefevre, F. Tecker, P. Urschutz
    CERN, Geneva
  Funding: DOE

A non-destructive bunch length detector has been installed in the CLIC Test Facility (CTF3). Using a series of down-converting mixing stages and filters, the detector analyzes the power spectrum of the electromagnetic field picked-up by a single waveguide. This detector evolved from an earlier system which was regularly used for bunch length measurements in CTF2. Major improvements are increase of frequency reach from 90 GHz to 170 GHz, allowing for sub-pico second sensitivity, and single shot measurement capability using FFT analysis from large bandwidth waveform digitisers. The results of the commissioning of the detector in 2006 are presented.