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Cullerton, E.

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WEPMN102 A 96 Channel Receiver for the ILCTA LLRF System at Fermilab 2271
  • U. Mavric, J. Branlard, B. Chase, E. Cullerton, D. W. Klepec
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
  The present configuration of an ILC Main Linac RF station has 26 nine cell cavities driven from one klystron. With the addition of waveguide power coupler monitors, 96 RF signals will be downconverted and processed. A downconverter chassis is being developed that contains 12 eight channel analog modules and a single upconverter module. This chassis will first be deployed for testing a cryomodule composed of eight cavities located at New Muon Laboratory (NML) - Fermilab. Critical parts of the design for LLRF applications are identified and a detailed description of the circuit with various characteristic measurements is presented. The board is composed of an input band-pass filter centered at 1.3GHz, followed by a mixer, which downconverts the cavity probe signal to a proposed 13 MHz intermediate frequency. Cables with 8 channels per connector and good isolation between channels are being used to interconnect each downconverter module with a digital board. As mixers and power splitters are the most sensitive parts for noise, nonlinearities and cross-talk issues, special attention is given to these parts in the design of the LO port multiplication and distribution.