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Cooper, C. A.

Paper Title Page
WEPMN111 3.9 GHz Superconducting Accelerating 9-cell Cavity Vertical Test Results 2295
  • T. N. Khabiboulline, C. A. Cooper, N. Dhanaraj, H. Edwards, M. Foley, E. R. Harms, D. V. Mitchell, A. M. Rowe, N. Solyak
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
  • W.-D. Moller
    DESY, Hamburg
  The 3rd harmonic 3.9GHz accelerating cavity was proposed to improve beam performances of the FLASH (TTF/DESY) facility. In the frame of collaboration Fermilab will provide DESY with a cryomodule containing a string of four cavities. In addition, a second cryomodule with one cavity will be fabricated for installation in the Fermilab photo-injector, which will be upgraded for the ILC accelerator test facility. The first results of vertical tests of 9-cell Nb cavities didn?t reached the designed accelerating gradient. The main problem is multipactoring in HOM couplers, which leads to quenching and overheating of the HOM couplers. New HOM couplers with improved design integarated to next 9-cell cavities. In this paper we present all results of vertical tests.