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Colzato, A.

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TUPMN041 Three Dimensional Analysis of the X-Radiation Produced by a Collective Thomson Source 1007
  • V. Petrillo
    Universita' degli Studi di Milano, Milano
  • A. Bacci, C. Maroli, A. R. Rossi, L. Serafini, P. Tomassini
    INFN-Milano, Milano
  • A. Colzato
    Universita degli Studi di Milano, Milano
  A set of 3-D equations that describes the collective head to head interaction between a laser pulse and a relativistic electron beam is presented and solved. The relevant dispersion relation is studied, as well as the gain properties of the system. The FEL instability dominates the radiation process. The radiation emitted is characterized by short wavelength, thin spectrum and high coherence. The most important three-dimensional effects are the emittance of the beam and the transverse distribution of the laser energy. The production of radiation wavelengths of 12 nm, 1nm, and 1 Angstron are presented.