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Citadini, J. F.

Paper Title Page
MOPAN004 Commissioning of the LNLS Elliptically Polarizing Undulator 149
  • P. F. Tavares, N. P. Abreu, J. F. Citadini, R. H.A. Farias, M. J. Ferreira, J. G.R. S. Franco, L. C. Jahnel, L. Liu, A. F.A. G. Moreira, X. R. Resende, G. Tosin
    LNLS, Campinas
  We present the results of the commissioning of the first Elliptically Polarizing Undulator to be installed at the 1.37 GeV electron storage ring of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Source. The undulator is designed to provide UV and soft X-ray photons from 100 eV up to 1 keV with full polarization control. It uses the APPLE II design with 50 mm period and 22 mm gap and allows for both parallel and anti-parallel longitudinal motion of its magnet cassettes. We present the commissioning results including the measured orbit and tune perturbations as well as the non-linear effects of the undulator fields on the stored beam and the corresponding impact on the beam lifetime.  
TUPMN004 Final Adjustment of the Magnetic Field of the LNLS VUV Undulator. 917
  • G. Tosin, R. Basilio, J. F. Citadini, M. Potye
    LNLS, Campinas
  The first insertion device built at LNLS was an elliptically polarized undulator, designed to cover the vacuum ultraviolet and the soft X-ray spectrum. Its magnetic characterization was done using two techniques: Hall probes, for local field measurements, and rotating coil, operating in a way similar to flip-coil, to determine the integrated multipoles. Final results for the phase errors as well as the procedures used to correct the integrated multipoles are presented.