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Ciftci, A. K.

Paper Title Page
THPMN064 Luminosity Upgrade of CLIC-LHC ep/gp Collider 2853
  • H. Aksakal, A. K. Ciftci, Z. Nergiz
    Ankara University, Faculty of Sciences, Tandogan/Ankara
  • D. Schulte, F. Zimmermann
    CERN, Geneva
  An energy-frontier or QCD-exploring ep and gp collider can be realized by colliding high-energy photons generated by Compton back-scattered off a CLIC electron beam, at either 75 GeV or 1.5 TeV, with protons or ions stored in the LHC. In this study we discuss a performance optimization of this type of collider by tailoring the parameters of both CLIC and LHC. An estimate of the ultimately achievable luminosity is given.