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Church, M.

Paper Title Page
THPMN098 Modeling and Design of the ILC Test Area Beam Absorbers at Fermilab 2939
  • M. Church, A. Z. Chen, N. V. Mokhov, S. Nagaitsev, N. Nakao
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
  Detailed MARS15 simulations have been performed on energy deposition and shielding of the proposed ILC Test Area absorbers to deal with up to 50 kW of 800 MeV electron beam power and provide unlimited occupancy conditions in the hall. ANSYS analysis based on the calculated energy deposition maps confirms robustness of the proposed design of the absorbers and beam windows for normal operation and for various failure modes. A non-trivial shielding solution was found for the entire region housing the main and single-bunch absorbers.  
THPMN099 Plans for a 750 MeV Electron Beam Test Facility at Fermilab 2942
  • M. Church, S. Nagaitsev, P. Piot
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
  A 750 MeV electron beam test facility at Fermilab is in the planning and early construction phase. An existing building is being converted for this facility. The photoinjector currently in use at the Fermilab NICADD Photoinjector Laboratory (FNPL) will be moved to the new facility and upgraded to serve as an injector for a beam acceleration section consisting of 3 Tesla or ILC-type cryomodules. A low energy off-axis beam will be constructed to test ILC crab cavity designs and provide opportunities for other tests. Downstream beamlines will consist of a diagnostic section, a beam test area for additional beam experiments, and a high power beam dump. The initial program for this facility will concentrate on testing ILC-type cryomodules and RF control with full ILC beam intensity. A future building expansion will open up further possibiliities for beam physics and beam technology experiments.