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Chen, H.-H.

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MOPAN091 Design of Mechanical Structure and Cryostat for IASW Superconducting Wiggler at NSRRC 374
  • H.-H. Chen, C.-H. Chang, T.-C. Fan, M.-H. Huang, C.-S. Hwang, J. C. Jan, F.-Y. Lin
    NSRRC, Hsinchu
  An in-achromatic superconducting wiggler (IASW) was successfully constructed and installed at the Taiwan Light Source (TLS) in January 2006. The cryostat with a 30 L liquid nitrogen aluminum reservoir shielding surrounds the helium vessel, which comprises the cold mass and 100 L liquid helium. The helium vessel is suspended by eight suspension links, which are thermally intercepted at 80 K and can be adjusted by applying tension, such that the center of the cold mass does not move during cooled to 4.2 K. A three-layered stainless tube was designed to prevent the transfer port from freezing and the steam- electricity separation system is designed to supply electricity and return the helium gas to prevent freezing of the power feedthrough.