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Chen, H. C.

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MOPAN090 Logging of Operation Data at TLS 371
  • C.-K. Chang, H. C. Chen, M. J. Horng, J. A. Li, T. F. Lin, Y. K. Lin, Y.-C. Liu
    NSRRC, Hsinchu
  The Taiwan Light Source had been Top-Up operation in October 2005 and the beam current had increased to 300mA in early 2006. For normal operation, there are some important parameters of Top-up operation, such as beam stability, filling pattern and injection efficiency etc. These data have to be recorded and to be reference for the accelerator operating. Therefore, a LabVIEW-based data logging system had been developed. The system handles communication with other instruments via Ethernet and IEEE-488 interconnections. In this report, the design concept and the current status are described. The planned improvements are carried out in the future.