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Chang, S.-S.

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TUPMN073 First Operation of a Thermionic Cathode RF Gun at NSRRC 1088
  • A. P. Lee, S.-S. Chang, J.-Y. Hwang, W. K. Lau, C. C. Liang, G.-H. Luo, T.-T. Yang
    NSRRC, Hsinchu
  An injector system that based on rf gun technology is being constructed at NSRRC. This will be a 100 MeV beam injector that consists of an rf linac with a thermionic cathode rf gun as electron source. The superior performance and special configuration of the thermionic rf gun system made it an attractive option as a reliable pre-injector booster synchrotron. In cooperation with an alpha-magnet as low energy bunch compressor, ultra-fast electron beam pulses as short as 100 fs can be generated from the thermionic cathode rf gun for generation of intense coherent short wavelength radiations, production of femto-second electron and wavelength tunable ultra-fast X-ray pulses. First operation of the thermionic rf gun will be presented.