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Casey, S. J.

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FRPMS033 OTR Measurements of the 10 keV Electron Beam at the University of Maryland Electron Ring (UMER) 4006
  • R. B. Fiorito, B. L. Beaudoin, S. J. Casey, D. W. Feldman, P. G. O'Shea, B. Quinn, A. G. Shkvarunets
    UMD, College Park, Maryland
  Funding: Research supported by Office of Naval Research, Joint Technology Office, and the Department of Energy

We present strong evidence of the observation of optical transition radiation (OTR) from aluminized silicon targets intercepting the UMER 10 keV, 100 ns pulsed electron beam, using fast (300ps and 1ns rise time) photomultiplier tubes. An intensified gated (3ns-1ms) CCD camera is used to image the beam using OTR and to study its time evolution throughout the beam pulse. A comparison of wave forms and time resolved OTR images is presented along with time integrated images obtained with phosphor screens for different initial conditions, i.e. beam currents and gun bias voltages.

correspondance email: rfiorito@umd.edu