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Burgmer, R.

Paper Title Page
MOPAN085 Completion of the Series Fabrication of the Main Superconducting Quadrupole Magnets of LHC 356
  • T. Tortschanoff, M. Modena, Y. Papaphilippou, L. Rossi, K. M. Schirm
    CERN, Geneva
  • R. Burgmer, H.-U. Klein, D. Krischel, B. Schellong, P. Schmidt
    ACCEL, Bergisch Gladbach
  • M. Durante, A. Payn, J.-M. Rifflet, F. Simon
    CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette
  By end of November 2006, the last cold mass of the main superconducting quadrupole cold masses were delivered by ACCEL Instruments to CERN. This comprised 360 cold masses for the arc regions of the machine and 32 special units dedicated to the dispersion suppressor regions. The latter ones contain the same main magnet but different types of correctors and are of increased length with respect to the regular arc ones. The end of the fabrication of these magnets coincided with the end of the main dipole deliveries allowing a parallel assembly into their cryostats and installation into the LHC tunnel. The positioning into the tunnel was optimized using the warm field measurements performed in the factory. On the other hand the correct slotting of the quadrupoles was complicated due to the multitude of variants and by the fact that a number of units needed to be replaced by spares which in some cases required a reshuffling of the positioning. The paper gives some final data about the successful fabrication at ACCEL Instruments and explains the issue of their best positions in the machine.