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Borowiec, P.

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TUPAN089 The LHC Beampipe Waveguide Mode Reflectometer 1583
  • F. Caspers, P. Borowiec, T. Kroyer, Z. Sulek, L. R. Williams
    CERN, Geneva
  Several specially developed waveguide-mode reflectometers for obstacle detection in the LHC magnet beampipes have been intensively used for more than 18 months. This "Assembly" version is based on the synthetic pulse method using a modern vector network analyzer. It has mode selective excitation couplers and uses a specially developed waveguide mode dispersion compensation algorithm with external software. In addition there is a similar "in situ" version of the reflectometer which uses permanently installed microwave couplers at the end of each of the nearly 3 km long LHC arcs. A considerable number of unexpected objects have been found in the beampipes and subsequently removed. Operational statistics and lessons learned are presented and the overall performance is discussed.