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Bonatto, A.

Paper Title Page
THPMN002 Nonlinear Dynamics of Electromagnetic Pulses in Cold Relativistic Plasmas 2707
  • A. Bonatto, R. Pakter, F. B. Rizzato
    IF-UFRGS, Porto Alegre
  Funding: CNPq, Brasil

In the present analysis we study the self consistent propagation of nonlinear electromagnetic pulses in a one dimensional relativistic electron-ion plasma, from the perspective of nonlinear dynamics. We show how a series of Hamiltonian bifurcations give rise to the electric fields which are of relevance in the subject of particle acceleration. Nonlinear coupling of plasma waves and electromagnetic pulses triggers strong chaotic dynamics which may detrap the plasma wave from the electromagnetic pulse, leading to wave breaking. Connections with results of earlier analysis are discussed.