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Bhatt, R.

Paper Title Page
THPMS001 An Ideal Circular Charged-Particle Beam System 2999
  • T. Bemis
    BPT, Boston, Massachusetts
  • R. Bhatt, C. Chen, J. Z. Zhou
    MIT/PSFC, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  Funding: Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology was supported by DOE, Office of High-Energy Physics, Grant No. DE-FG02-95ER40919 and AFOSR, Grant No. FA9550-06-1-0269.

A theory is presented for the design of an ideal non-relativistic circular beam system including a charged-particle emitting diode, a diode aperture, a circular beam tunnel, and a focusing magnetic field that matches the beam from the emitter to the beam tunnel. The magnetic field is determined by balancing the forces throughout the gun and transport sections of the beam system. OMNITRAK simulations are performed, validating theory. As applications, a circular electron beam system is discussed for space-charge-dominated beam experiments such as the University of Maryland Electron Ring (UMER), and a circular ion beam system is discussed for high energy density physics (HEDP) research.