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Bechtold, A.

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WEPMN006 Status of the Superconducting CH-structure 2056
  • H. Podlech, A. Bechtold, H. Liebermann, U. Ratzinger
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main
  Funding: GSI, BMBF 06F134I, EU 516520-FI6W, RII-CT-2003-506395, EFDA/99-507ERB5005-CT990061

The superconducting CH-structure is the first multi-cell cavity for the acceleration of low and medium energy ions and protons. A superconducting prototype cavity has been built and several cold tests have been performed at the IAP in Frankfurt. After the detection of a field emission centre the cavity will be treated by buffered chemical polishing and high pressure rinsing. Additionally the cavity is being prepared for tests in a horizontal cryostat with slow and fast tuner system. We present the status of these developments and the test results which have been gained recently.