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Ball, M. J.

Paper Title Page
MOPAS055 Combined Function Magnets Using Double-Helix Coils 560
  • C. Goodzeit, M. J. Ball, R. B. Meinke
    Advanced Magnet Lab., Inc, Melbourne, Florida
  We describe a technology for creating easy-to-manufacture combined function magnets. The field is produced by double-helix coils in which the axial path of the windings is defined by a sinusoidal function containing the superposition of the desired multipoles. The magnitude of the superimposed multipoles relative to the main field can be easily controlled to any level. For example, the combined function winding can contain a quadrupole magnet along with the dipole in an easily manufactured, low cost configuration. An example of a 5 T magnet with a main dipole field and a superimposed quadrupole is shown. We discuss the amplitude of the quadruple component and how it effects the maximum dipole field that can be obtained in the coil. We also show how low level (i.e. 0.1% - 1%) modulation amplitudes of superimposed multipoles can be used as built-in or "free" correction coils to compensate for iron saturation effects or geometrically-induced multipoles. An example is shown for a small bend radius (i.e. 718 mm), 100 mm aperture bent dipole in which the bent-yoke-induced quadrupole harmonic is completely corrected by the modulation function of the double helix turns.

This work is partially supported under U. S. Department of Energy grant : DoE SBIR DE-FG02-06ER 84492