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Balewski, K.

Paper Title Page
FRPMN018 Wake Computations for Undulator Vacuum Chambers of PETRA III 3943
  • R. Wanzenberg, K. Balewski
    DESY, Hamburg
  • E. Gjonaj, T. Weiland
    TEMF, Darmstadt
  At DESY it is planned to convert the PETRA ring into a synchrotron radiation facility, called PETRA III. The wake fields of a tapered transition from the standard vacuum chamber to the small gap chamber of the insertion devices contribute significantly to the impedance budget of PETRA III. The computer codes MAFIA and PBCI have been used to determine the loss and kick parameter of the tapered transition. PBCI is a recently developed parallelized, fully 3D wake field code, which is using a purely explicit, split-operator scheme to solve the Maxwell equation in the time domain.  
FRPMN094 Beam Profile Measurements with the 2-D Laser-Wire at PETRA 4303
  • M. T. Price, G. A. Blair, S. T. Boogert, G. E. Boorman, A. Bosco, S. Malton
    Royal Holloway, University of London, Surrey
  • K. Balewski, Eckhard. Elsen, V. Gharibyan, H.-C. Lewin, F. Poirier, S. Schreiber, N. J. Walker, K. Wittenburg
    DESY, Hamburg
  • T. Kamps
    BESSY GmbH, Berlin
  Funding: Work supported by the PPARC LC-ABD collaboration and the Commission of the European Communities under the 6th Framework Programme Structuring the European Research Area, contract number RIDS-011899.

The current PETRA II Laser-Wire system, being developed for the ILC and PETRA III, uses a piezo-driven mirror to scan laser light across an electron bunch. This paper reports on the recently installed electron-beam finding system, presenting recent horizontal and vertical profile scans with corresponding studies.