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Abed, E.

Paper Title Page
MOPAS033 A Robust Orbit-Steering and Control Algorithm Using Quadrupole-scans as a Diagnostic 509
  • C. Wu, E. Abed, G. Bai, B. L. Beaudoin, S. Bernal, I. Haber, R. A. Kishek, P. G. O'Shea, M. Reiser, D. Stratakis, D. F. Sutter, K. Tian, M. Walter
    UMD, College Park, Maryland
  Funding: This work is funded by US Dept. of Energy.

Beam based alignment and control has been a critical issue for many accelerators. In this paper, we've developed a new approach that can correct the beam orbit using a systematic quad-scan method, where there is an insufficient number of beam position monitors. In this approach, we've proposed a calibrated response matrix. This matrix takes consideration of the different sensitivities of different quadrupoles in the lattice. With the calibrated response matrix, we can greatly enhance our ability to control the beam centroid motion and reduce the control effort.