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Trubnikov, S.V.

Paper Title Page
FOAB005 Technology for Fissionable Materials Detection by Use of 100 MeV Variable Linac 446
  • S.P. Karasyov, A.N. Dovbnja, L. Eran, Y.P. Melnik, Y. Ran'iuk, I.N. Shlyakhov
    NSC/KIPT, Kharkov
  • A.J. Baratta
    Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania
  • N.M. Kiryukhin
    ATSU, Kiev
  • S.V. Trubnikov
    KhNU, Kharkov
  Funding: This project is funded by CRDF FSTM UKE2-5023-KH-04.

A new concept for a two-step facility to increase the accuracy/reliability of detecting heavily shielded fissionable materials (FM) in marine containers is presented. The facility will detect FM in two steps. An existing dual-view; dual-energy X-ray scanner, which is based on 7 MeV electron accelerator, will select the suspicious places inside container. The linac with variable energy (up to 100 MeV) will be used for the second step. The technology will detect fissionable nuclei by gamma induced fission reactions and delayed neutron registration. A little-known Ukrainian experimental data obtained in Chernobil’ clean-up program will be presented to ground proposed concept. The theoretical calculations of neutron fluxes scale these results to marine container size. Modified GEANT code for electron/gamma penetration and authors’ own software for neutron yield/penetration are used for these calculations. Available facilities (X-ray scanners; linac; detectors), which will be used for concept proof, are described. The results of the first experiments by use variable energy linac are cited.