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Sattin, F.

Paper Title Page
TPPE003 Analysis of Multigrid Extraction Plasma Meniscus Formation 862
  • M. Cavenago
    INFN/LNL, Legnaro, Padova
  • V. Antoni, F. Sattin
    CNR/RFX, Padova
  • A. Tanga
    MPI/IPP, Garching
  Funding: INFN-LNL, CNR-RFX.

Effects of plasma meniscus on the emittance in negative ion source proposed for spallation sources or neutral beam injectors (NBI) for tokamaks are particularly interesting to study with fluid models because: 1) at least three different charged fluid can be recognised: the thermalized and fully magnetized electrons; the slightly magnetized and roughly thermalized positive ions; the negative ions, typically formed within few cm from meniscus; 2) different implementation of the magnetic filter system need to be compared; 3) optimization of electron dump and outlet electrode strongly depends on plasma meniscus contact point. With reasonable assumption on system geometry, 2D and 3D charged fluid quation for the selfconsistent electrostatic field can be written and effect of grid aperture is investigated. Moreover, these equations are easily implemented into a multiphysics general purpose program. Preliminary results are described, and compared to existing codes.