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Rossi, M.

Paper Title Page
WPAP013 Magnesium Film Photocathodes for High Brilliance Electron Injectors 1350
  • F. Tazzioli, G. Gatti, C. Vicario
    INFN/LNF, Frascati (Roma)
  • I. Boscolo, S. Cialdi
    INFN-Milano, Milano
  • L. Cultrera, A. Perrone
    Lecce University, Lecce
  • S. Orlanducci, M.L. Terranova
    Università di Roma II Tor Vergata, Roma
  • M. Rossi
    Rome University La Sapienza, Roma
  Advanced high brilliance electron injectors require photocathodes having low thermal emittance, high quantum efficiency (QE) and prompt response. They should be easy to handle and capable of working in the very high electric fileds of a RF gun. Magnesium films deposited by laser ablation and sputtering techniques are discussed and QE measurements are presented.