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Beg, F.N.

Paper Title Page
TOPA007 Proton Acceleration and High-Energy Density Physics from Laser Foil Interactions 573
  • P.A. Norreys
    CCLRC/RAL, Chilton, Didcot, Oxon
  • F.N. Beg
    UCSD, La Jolla, California
  • A.E. Dangor, K.M. Krushelnick, M. Wei
    Imperial College of Science and Technology, Department of Physics, London
  • M. Tatarakis
  • M. Zepf
    Queen's University of Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  Intense laser plasma interactions have long been shown to be a source of very energetic ions - from the first experiments in the 1970's. However, there has been a recent revival of interest in the production of protons and ions from the such plasmas - primarily from the observation of collimated beams of protons and heavier ions which were observed at the rear thin foil targets irradiated by ultra-high intensity laser pulses (such that I > 1018 W/cm2). These ion beams have unique properties which may make them suitable for a variety of applications such as for probing high density plasmas, for fast ignition in inertial confinement fusion, as an ion source for subsequent acceleration stages in a particle accelerator or potentially for medical applications. Recent experimental results will be reviewed and the potential for such future applications will be highlighted.