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Keyword: radiography

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
TOAA006 Effect of Stimulated and Thermal Desorption in DARHT-2 beam-losses, beam-transport, residual gas, space-charge 120
  • T. Hughes (Mission Research Corporation), H. Davis (LANL)
TPPB020 The Mechanical Design of a Proton Microscope for Radiography at 800 MeV optics 1664
  • R. Valdiviez, D. Barlow, B. Blind, C. Espinoza, J. Gomez, A. Jason, T. Mottershead, F. Sigler (LANL)
ROAC009 Electron Beam/Converter Target Interactions in Radiographic Accelerators ion-effects, plasma, target 563
  • J. McCarrick, G. Caporaso, F. Chambers, Y.-J. Chen, S. Falabella, F. Goldin, G. Guethlein, D. Ho, R. Richardson, J. Weir (LLNL)
RPAG033 Eliminating the Spot Dilution due to Kicker Switching in DARHT-II beam-transport, electron, kicker, x-ray 2960
  • Y.-J. Chen, F. Chambers, A.C. Paul, J.A. Watson, J. Weir (LLNL)
RPPG016 Simulation Results of Corkscrew Motion in DARHT-II beam-transport, chromatic-effects, commissioning, simulation 3210
  • K.C.D. Chan, C. Ekdahl (LANL), Y.-J. Chen (LLNL), T. Hughes (Mission Research Corporation)
FOAA004 Design and Operation of a Proton Microscope for Radiography at 800 MeV proton 702
  • T. Mottershead, D. Barlow, B. Blind, G. Hogan, A. Jason, F. Merrill, K. Morley, C. Morris, A. Saunders, R. Valdiviez (LANL)