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Keyword: crystal

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
TPPB034 New Results from Crystal Collimation at RHIC background, channeling, collimation, simulation 1691
  • R. Fliller III, A. Drees, D. Gassner, L. Hammons, G. McIntyre, S. Peggs, D. Trbojevic (BNL), V.M. Biryukov, Y. Chesnokov, V. Terekov (Institute of High Energy Physics, Protvino)
TPPG024 Photonic Crystal Laser Accelerator Structures dielectric, laser, simulation 1855
  • B. Cowan, M. Javanmard, R.H. Siemann (SLAC)
WPAE040 Longitudinal Cooling of a Strongly Magnetized Electron Plasma beam-cooling 2026
  • Jinhyung Lee, J.R. Cary (University of Colorado at Boulder)