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Keyword: Cherenkov radiation

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TPAE033 Construction and Testing of a 21 GHz Ceramic Based Power Extractor rf-structure, two-beam acceleration 1156
  • D. Yu, D. Newsham, A.V. Smirnov (DULY Research Inc.), W. Gai, R. Konecny, W. Liu (ANL), H. Braun, G. Carron, S. Döbert, L. Thorndahl, I. Wilson, W. Wuensch (CERN)
WPPB076 Emittance Measurement by Using Duo Image Pattern of Cherenkov Radiation emittance, photoinjector 2580
  • J. Chen, Y. Ding, S. Quan, B. Zhang, K. Zhao (Peking University), R. Geng, A. Gu (Princeton University)