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Keyword: shielding

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MPPE016 FLUKA Simulations of the Loss of the Stored Electron Beam at BESSY accelerator, storage-ring 773
  • K. Ott (BESSY)
MPPE017 The Shielding Design of the Metrology Light Source (MLS) accelerator 776
  • K. Ott (BESSY)
TPAG005 Integration of the Beam Scraper and Primary Collimator in the SNS Ring beam-losses, collimation 1428
  • H. Ludewig, J. Browdowski, D. Davino, C. Longo, B. Mullany, D. Raparia, N. Simos, J. Touzzolo (BNL), N. Catalan-Lasheras (CERN), S. Cousineau (ORNL)
TPAG033 Fermilab Booster Beam Collimation and Shielding beam-losses, booster, collimation, radiation 1503
  • N.V. Mokhov, A. Drozhdin, P.H. Kasper, J.R. Lackey, E.J. Prebys, R.C. Webber (FNAL)