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Keyword: ion-effects

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
ROAC009 Electron Beam/Converter Target Interactions in Radiographic Accelerators plasma, radiography, target 563
  • J. McCarrick, G. Caporaso, F. Chambers, Y.-J. Chen, S. Falabella, F. Goldin, G. Guethlein, D. Ho, R. Richardson, J. Weir (LLNL)
RPAG018 Ion Production and Tune Shift in the Recycler Ring antiproton, tune 2928
  • K. Gounder, J.P. Marriner, C.S. Mishra (FNAL)
RPAG039 Plasma Neutralization Models for Intense Ion Beam Transport in Plasma plasma, space-charge 2975
  • I.D. Kaganovich, S. O'Rourke (Princeton University), E.P. Lee (LBNL), R.C. Davidson, E.A. Startsev (Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University)
ROPA003 Status of Low and Intermediate Velocity Superconducting Accelerating Structures linac, rf cavities, superconducting-rf 581
  • K.W. Shepard (ANL)
RPPB017 Simulation Study of Coupled-Bunch Instabilities due to Resistive Wall, Ions, or Electron Cloud instability, multi-bunch-effects, resistive wall, simulation 3056
  • F. Zimmermann (CERN), H. Fukuma, K. Ohmi, Y. Ohnishi, S.S. Win (KEK)