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Classification: Accelerator Technology

Paper Title Page
ROPB001 Machine Protection Strategies for High Power Accelerators 607
  • C. Sibley (ORNL)
ROPB002 Vacuum System for High Power Lepton Rings 612
  • Y. Suetsugu (KEK)
ROPB004 Thin Diamond Films for SNS H- Injection Stripping 617
  • R.W. Shaw, R. Cutler, A.D. Herr (ORNL), Y.-Y. Lee, C.J. Liaw (BNL), C.S. Feigerle (University of Tennessee)
ROPB005 Vacuum Pumping Study of Titanium-Zirconium-Vanadium Thin Films 620
  • Y. Li, S. Ho (Cornell University)
ROPB006 A New Kind of Beam Pipe for Rapid Cycling Proton Synchrotrons 623
  • Z. Tang, A. Chen, W. Chou (FNAL)
ROPB007 Accelerator Availability and Reliability Issues 625
  • S. Suhring (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
ROPB008 Low-Conductivity Water Systems for Accelerators 630
  • R. Dortwegt (ANL)
ROPB009 Accelerator Magnet Plugging by Metal Oxides: A Theoretical Investigation, Remediation and Preliminary Results 635
  • W.W. Rust (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
ROPB010 Safety Critical Monitoring for Prompt Radiation Hazards 638
  • L. Moritz, J. Drozdoff, G. Dutto, F. Mammarella, M. Mouat, R. Ruegg (TRIUMF)
ROPB011 Comprehensive Electro-Magnetic, Thermal, and Structural Finite Element Analysis of the Lithium Collection Lens at the FNAL Antiproton Source 641
  • P. Hurh, J. Morgan, S. Tariq (FNAL)
ROPB012 Inertial Sensor Development for Active Vibration Stabilization 644
  • J. Frisch, E. Doyle, L. Eriksson, L. Hendrickson, T. Himel, T. Markiewicz, R. Partridge (SLAC)