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Author: Yang, M.J.

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TPPB012 Performance of Antiproton Injection and Extraction Transfer Lines of the Recycler Ring at Fermilab 1649
  • A. Marchionni, T.G. Anderson, G.W. Foster, C. Gattuso, M. Hu, D. Johnson, C. Johnstone, C.S. Mishra, A.R. Oleck, H. Piekarz, M. Syphers, M.J. Yang (FNAL)
TPPB072 Correction Magnets for the Fermilab Recycler Ring 1766
  • J.T. Volk, G.W. Foster, C. Gattuso, H. Glass, D. Johnson, C.S. Mishra, M.J. Yang (FNAL)
FPAB074 Lattice Function Measurements of Fermilab Recycler Ring 3440
  • M.J. Yang, A. Marchionni, C.S. Mishra (FNAL)