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Author: Smith, T.L.

Paper Title Page
TPAG001 Rebuilding WR-340 and WR-284 Waveguide Switches to Meet Higher Power at the Advanced Photon Source 1416
  • S. Berg, D. Bromberek, J. Gagliano, G. Goeppner, A. Grelick, A. Nassiri, T.L. Smith (ANL)
TPAG003 Bidirectional Coupler Optimization in WR284-Type Waveguide 1422
  • T.L. Smith, S. Berg, A. Grelick, G. Waldschmidt (ANL)
WPAB004 A Flexible Injector Test Stand Design 2038
  • J.W. Lewellen, K. Beczek, S. Berg, D. Briddick, R. Dortwegt, M. Givens, A. Grelick, A. Nassiri, S. Pasky, T.L. Smith (ANL)