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Author: Seidl, P.A.

Paper Title Page
TPAG039 Particle-in-Cell Simulations of the High Current Experiment 1518
  • C.M. Celata, F.M. Bieniosek, L.R. Prost, P.A. Seidl (LBNL), A. Friedman, D.P. Grote (LLNL)
TOPB006 Simulation Using Initial 4D Beam Particle Distributions Synthesized from Experimental Data 275
  • A. Friedman, D.P. Grote (LLNL), F.M. Bieniosek, C.M. Celata, L.R. Prost, P.A. Seidl (LBNL)
TOPC004 Initial Experimental Studies of Electron Accumulation in a Heavy-Ion Beam 312
  • A.W. Molvik, R. Cohen, A. Friedman, S.M. Lund (LLNL), D. Baca, F.M. Bieniosek, M. Furman, E.P. Lee, L.R. Prost, P.A. Seidl, J.-L. Vay (LBNL), A. Sakumi (RIRF and CERN)
WPAE023 Superconducting Focusing Quadrupoles for Heavy Ion Fusion Experiments 1990
  • G. Sabbi, A. Faltens, M.A. Leitner, A.F. Lietzke, P.A. Seidl (LBNL), R.B. Meinke (Advanced Magnet Lab, Inc.), J.J. Barnard, S.M. Lund, N. Martovetsky (LLNL), C. Gung, J. Minervini, A. Radovinsky, J. Schultz (MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center)
ROAC001 The High Current Transport Experiment for Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion 536
  • P.A. Seidl, D. Baca, F.M. Bieniosek, C.M. Celata, A. Faltens, L.R. Prost, G. Sabbi, W. Waldron (LBNL), R. Cohen, A. Friedman, S.M. Lund, A.W. Molvik (LLNL), I. Haber (University of Maryland)