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Author: Schmidt, F.

Paper Title Page
TPPB067 Beam Losses at Injection Energy and during Acceleration in the Tevatron 1754
  • T. Sen, P. Lebrun, R. Moore, V. Shiltsev, M. Syphers, X.L. Zhang (FNAL), W. Fischer (BNL), F. Schmidt, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
TPPB068 Experimental Studies of Beam-Beam Effects in the Tevatron 1757
  • T. Sen, Y. Alexahin, V. Shiltsev, M. Xiao, X.L. Zhang (FNAL), F. Schmidt, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
WPAB073 Measurement of Linear Coupling Resonance in RHIC 2207
  • M. Bai, F. Pilat, T. Satogata (BNL), F. Schmidt, R. Tomàs (CERN), R. Calaga (State University of New York)
WPAB080 Measurement of Sextupolar Resonance Driving Terms in RHIC 2228
  • R. Tomàs, F. Schmidt (CERN), W. Fischer (BNL)
WPAB081 Completion of the Sextupole Driving Terms Measurement at the SPS 2231
  • R. Tomàs, M. Hayes, F. Schmidt (CERN)
FPAG013 Tools for Predicting Cleaning Efficiency in the LHC 3494
  • R. Assmann, M. Brugger, M. Hayes, J.-B. Jeanneret, F. Schmidt (CERN), I. Baichev (Institute of High Energy Physics, Protvino), D. Kaltchev (TRIUMF)
FPAG014 MAD-X -- An Upgrade from MAD8 3497
  • F. Schmidt, H. Grote (CERN)