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Author: Rees, D.E.

Paper Title Page
TPAE007 The SNS Linac High Power RF System Design, Status, and Results 1095
  • D.E. Rees, J. Bradley III, K. Cummings, T. Hardek, M.T. Lynch, W. Roybal, P.J. Tallerico (LANL)
TPAE039 Accelerated Neutron-Induced Failure Tests of 3300-V IGBTs for the Spallation Neutron Source Accelerator 1168
  • D.L. Borovina, J. Bradley III, T. Hardek, M.T. Lynch, M. Pieck, R.S. Przeklasa, W.A. Reass, D.E. Rees, S.C. Ruggles, B.E. Takala, P.J. Tallerico, S.A. Wender (LANL)
TPAG015 Spallation Neutron Source High-Power RF Transmitter Design for High Availability, Ease of Installation and Cost Containment 1458
  • J. Bradley III, T. Hardek, M.T. Lynch, D.E. Rees, W. Roybal, P.J. Tallerico (LANL)
ROAC007 Design, Status, and First Operations of the Spallation Neutron Source Polyphase Resonant Converter Modulator System 553
  • W.A. Reass, S.E. Apgar, D. Baca, D.L. Borovina, J. Bradley III, J.D. Doss, J.M. Gonzales, R.F. Gribble, T. Hardek, M.T. Lynch, D.E. Rees, P.J. Tallerico, P.G. Trujillo (LANL), D.E. Anderson, D.A. Heidenreich, J.D. Hicks, V.N. Leontiev (ORNL)