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Author: Pellegrini, C.

Paper Title Page
MPPB057 Design and Status of the VISA II Experiment 944
  • G. Andonian, R. Agustsson, A. Murokh, C. Pellegrini, S. Reiche, J.B. Rosenzweig, G. Travish (University of California, Los Angeles), M. Babzien, I. Ben-Zvi, V. Yakimenko (BNL), L. Palumbo, C. Vicario (University of Rome)
TOAC010 Pulse Length Control in an X-Ray FEL by Using Wakefields 211
  • S. Reiche, C. Pellegrini (University of California, Los Angeles), P. Emma (SLAC)
TPPG032 Status of the Inverse Free Electron Laser Experiment at the Neptune Laboratory 1867
  • P. Musumeci, C. Pellegrini, J.B. Rosenzweig, S. Totchisky, G. Travish, R. Yoder (University of California, Los Angeles), S. Tolmachev, A. Varfolomeev, A. Varfolomeev, Jr., T. Yarovoi (RRC Kurchatov Institute)
TPPG034 Acceleration of Injected Electrons in a Laser Beatwave Experiment 1873
  • S.Ya. Tochitsky, C. Clayton, C.V. Filip, C. Joshi, K.A. Marsh, P. Musumeci, R. Narang, C. Pellegrini, J.B. Rosenzweig, R. Yoder (University of California, Los Angeles)