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Author: McDonald, K.T.

Paper Title Page
TPPB002 Super-Invar as a Target for Pulsed High-Intensity Proton Beams 1628
  • H. Kirk, H. Ludewig, L. Mausner, N. Simos, P. Thieberger, R.J. Weggel (BNL), K.T. McDonald (Princeton University)
TPPB003 A High-Field Pulsed Solenoid Magnet for Liquid Metal Target Studies 1631
  • H. Kirk, M. Iarocci, J. Scaduto, R.J. Weggel (BNL), G. Mulholland (Applied Cryogenics Technology), P. Titus (MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center), K.T. McDonald (Princeton University)
TPPB004 Moving Solid Metallic Targets for Pion Production in the Muon Collider / Neutrino Factory Project 1634
  • P. Thieberger, H. Kirk, R.J. Weggel (BNL), K.T. McDonald (Princeton University)
TPPB044 Concept Design of the Target/Horn System for the BNL Neutrino Oscillation Experiment 1709
  • N. Simos, A. Carroll, M. Diwan, S.A. Kahn, H. Kirk, H. Ludewig, D. Raparia, W.T. Weng (BNL), K.T. McDonald (Princeton University), G. Evangelakis (University of Ioannina)