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Author: Mapes, M.

Paper Title Page
MPPE021 Improvement of RHIC Warm Beam Vacuum for High Intensity Operation 785
  • H. Hseuh, P. He, R.C. Lee, M. Mapes, L. Smart, D. Weiss, S.Y. Zhang (BNL)
MPPE022 Outgassing and Surface Properties of TiN Coated SNS Ring Vacuum Chambers 788
  • H. Hseuh, P. He, M. Mapes, R. Todd (BNL), N. Hilleret (CERN)
TPPE001 Commissioning Results of Slow Extraction of Heavy Ions from the AGS Booster 1542
  • K.A. Brown, L. Ahrens, S. Bellavia, S. Binello, B. Brelsford, D. Du Mont, W. Eng, C. Gardner, D. Gassner, J. Glenn, L. Hammons, J. Hock, L. Hoff, E. Hutchinson, J. Jamilkowski, N. Kling, Y. Kotlyar, A. Krishock, R. Lockey, M. Mapes, I. Marneris, G. Marr, A. Mc Nerney, A. Meyer, J. Morris, C. Naylor, S. Nemesure, D. Phillips, A. Rusek, J. Ryan, T. Shrey, L. Snydstrup, N. Tsoupas, B. VanKuik, S. Zahariou-Cohen, K. Zeno (BNL)
WPAB047 Design of an Ultra High Vacuum Compatible Copper Septum Magnet 2141
  • M. Mapes, N. Tsoupas (BNL)