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Author: Douglas, D.

Paper Title Page
MPPB055 Sub-Picosecond, High Flux, Thomson X-Ray Sources at Jefferson Lab's High Power FEL 938
  • J.R. Boyce, D. Douglas, H. Toyokawa (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), W. Brown, F. Hartemann (LLNL)
MPPB075 High-Power Electron Beam Injectors for 100 kW Free-Electron Lasers 977
  • A. Todd, H. Bluem, V. Christina, M. Cole, J.W. Rathke, T.J. Schultheiss (Advanced Energy Systems), P. Colestock, J.P. Kelley, S. Kurennoy, D. Nguyen, S. Russell, D.L. Schrage, R.L. Wood, L.M. Young (LANL), I. Campisi, E. Daly, D. Douglas, G.R. Neil, J. Preble, R.A. Rimmer, C.H. Rode, J. Sekutowicz, T. Whitlatch, M. Wiseman (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TOAC006 CEBAF Energy Recovery Experiment 195
  • A. Bogacz, K. Beard, J. Bengtsson, C. Butler, Y. Chao, S. Chattopadhyay, H. Dong, D. Douglas, A. Freyberger, A. Guerra, R. Hicks, A. Hofler, C. Hovater, A. Hutton, R. Lauze, L. Merminga, T. Plawski, Y. Roblin, M. Spata, C. Tennant, M. Tiefenback (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), A. Bernard (Friedrich-Alexander University), H. Toyokawa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
WPAB064 Magnetic Measurement of the 10 kW, IR FEL 180 Degree Dipole 2183
  • K. Baggett, G. Biallas, D. Bullard, J. Dail, D. Douglas, T. Hiatt, M. McCrea (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
WPAB065 Magnetic Modeling vs. Measurements of the Dipoles for the JLAB KW Free Electron Laser Upgrade 2186
  • G. Biallas, K. Baggett, D. Douglas, T. Hiatt, R. Wines (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), V. Christina, J.W. Rathke, T.J. Schultheiss (Advanced Energy Systems), Y. Luo, D. Newsham, A.V. Smirnov, D. Yu (DULY Research Inc.)
WPAB066 Magnetic Measurement of the 10 kW, IR FEL Dipole Magnets 2189
  • T. Hiatt, K. Baggett, M. Beck, G. Biallas, D. Douglas, K. Sullivan, C. Tennant (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
RPPG032 Beam Characterization in the CEBAF-ER Experiment 3243
  • C. Tennant, Y. Chao, D. Douglas, A. Freyberger, M. Tiefenback (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)