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Author: Beltran, C.

Paper Title Page
TOPD004 Calculations and Observations of the Longitudinal Instability Caused by the Ferrite Inductors at the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring (PSR) 326
  • C. Beltran (Indiana University), A. Browman, R.J. Macek (LANL)
RPPB034 An Experimental Study of Microwave Stability near Transition in the PSR 3086
  • P. Colestock, C. Beltran, A. Browman, J.D. Gilpatrick, R.J. Macek, R. McCrady, F. Neri, L.J. Rybarcyk, T. Spickermann (LANL), M. Schulze (General Atomics)