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Author: Balleyguier, P.

Paper Title Page
WPAB010 Simulation of High Charge Extraction from the ELSA RF Photo-Injector 2053
  • P. Balleyguier, Ph. Guimbal (French Atomic Energy Commission)
WPPB022 A High Dynamic-Range Beam Position Measurement System for ELSA-2 2458
  • P. Balleyguier, D. Deslandes, Ph. Guimbal (French Atomic Energy Commission), H. Borrion (University College)
WPPG005 On Emittance Evolution in the Extraction System of High-Current Electron and Ion Sources 2601
  • J.-M. Lagniel, P. Balleyguier, D. Guilhem, J.-L. Lemaire, N. Pichoff, M. Promé (French Atomic Energy Commission)
RPAB033 Results of the IPHI Drift Tube Linac's Hot Model CW Tests 2799
  • P.-E. Bernaudin, G. Congretel (CE Saclay), P. Balleyguier (French Atomic Energy Commission), A. Fontenille, E. Froidefond, M. Fruneau, D. Marchand, M. Planet, J.-C. Ravel (LPSC Grenoble)