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Robert R. Wilson Prize
See text above Left: Award presenter Alex Dragt looks on as Helen Edwards prepares to give her talk upon receiving the Robert R. Wilson Prize. It is awarded by the American Physical Society to recognize and encourage outstanding achievement in the physics of particle accelerators. The prize is sponsored by the APS Division of Physics of Beams and Division of Particles and Fields, and by the friends of R.R. Wilson.

Citation: “For her pivotal achievement and critical contribution as the leader in the design, construction, commission, and operation of the Tevatron and for her continued contributions to the development of high gradient superconducting linear accelerators as well as bright and intense electron sources.”

Particle Accelerator Science and Technology Awards
Ed Hoffman presents Stephen Milton (below left) and Keith Symon with the Particle Accelerator Science and Technology Award. PAC gives the award on behalf of the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society, sponsor of the award. Two awards are given to recognize outstanding contributions to the development of particle accelerator technology.
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  • Milton: "For contributions to coherent radiation sources, especially his leading role in achieving saturated operation at visible and ultraviolet wavelengths in a self-amplified spontaneous emission free-electron laser."
  • Symon: "For many fundamental accelerator concepts which include invention of Fixed Field Alternating Gradient Accelerators (FFAG), most notably incorporated into spiral sector cyclotrons; for defining a formalism describing motion under the influence of RF as required for stacking and other particle manipulations; and for techniques for analyzing collective instabilities."
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